The chair design is based on the idea of a compass. The theme achieves a beautifully clean and balanced effect by designing the legs as one inverted V.

When viewed from the side we can appreciate the balanced effect achieved by a compass. The seat itself is then sitting across these legs, which again, from the side, achieves the effect of a well-balanced and attractive design which is practical and pleasing to the eye. The back of the chair slopes gracefully upwards, which when viewed from the side gives the impression of an elegant flick, curving away from the crisp lines of the leg V.

When looked at from the front, back or above we see a finely balanced seat the symmetry being clean and pleasing to the eye. The designer chair is produced in the same polished black finish or shiny aluminium so as the product appears to be manufactured as one flowing piece rather than with contrasting colours which would disrupt its clean lines and crisp finish.

Designer Patrick Norguet


“We have built the seat itself and the backrest using PA6 which is a particularly strong and durable form of plastic. This material means we can form great looking shapes which are also strong and ergonomically sound. The main frames of the chairs, the legs themselves, are made from die – cast aluminium meaning they are light but strong. The colouring on the legs is achieved using a powder coating which means that the colour can be exactly matched to that of the seat and the backrest enabling us to achieve the single – piece effect described above. These modern and high quality production techniques ensure that our designs look great in clean, modern environments such as restaurants, offices, bars or even in your own modern, minimalist and cleanly designed home environment. Part of the ergonomic design of these pieces is the consideration of easy storage needs and this is achieved by allowing them to stack one on top of the other. This allows our designer chair to be stowed away in the minimum amount of space when not in use or when the space needs to be used for an alternative purpose, (hence they are perfect for use in venues such as clubs or exhibition centres). „

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