Christophe Pillet has sculpted a chair with armrest for Kristalia, suited also to use inside, perhaps in a modern office or flat, as well as in a garden or on the patio of an al fresco restaurant. The chair is visually striking, not in colour, for it is both sensibly and starkly monochromatic, but in form: the arms sweep out at 20 degrees, while the trapezoidal shape of the rear legs is engaging as a play upon perspective as all four legs can be easily seen from the front. A modern seat, its name is inspired by an ancient sound: Mem; its import is ‘water’ in the tongue of ancient Egypt. This plastic chair with an armrest is made from reinforced polypropylene with glass and print injected into it, giving great resistance with an elegant design of cleverly accented angles and curves.

The characteristic feature of this chair is bi-injection, a process which renders it stiff, keeping this seat in its absolutely beautiful form. The skin is pleasingly uniform and covers every face and vertex of the piece. This sculptured plastic chair with ergonomic armrest is also valuable in outdoor spaces, a quality piece of furniture for hotels, museums, offices and the like, already used to add to choice modern contexts as far afield as Central Asia and Norway. It comes with removable cushions of soft and flexible polyurethane in the same colours as the seat: these provide a touch more comfort.

Designer Christophe Pillet


“In sculpting this plastic chair, I aimed for it to be practical for the owner. Bi-injection is a production process wherein a piece can be produced with different materials deposited to different depths in its cross-section. This allows materials that are not particularly suited in terms of their mechanical performance but which have a high aesthetic appeal to be used for the skin of the piece, while compensating for what the piece would otherwise lack structurally by inserting materials with high Young’s moduli into the interior of the structure; these materials need not necessarily be aesthetically pleasing given that they are not visible as they do not form the surface. „

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