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Once again, Kristalia is inspired by music, which has always accompanied the company in its vocation and innovation at the very heart of its design.
Nina Simone said that “Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being, a way of thinking”, and Kristalia approaches its design with this rhythm.
Design is a way of life that also plays a role in bringing people together, breaking down barriers, improvising, innovating, stimulating intercultural interaction and empowering.
Along with these notes, Kristalia turns on the lights of its EVOLUTION TOUR at a time when, as never before, overcoming the barriers caused by the pandemic means getting together again, rediscovering and renewing in a “new normality”.

In late April, Kristalia will be undertaking a trip by VAN to cross Europe and “go and embrace” its customers in their own local areas, showrooms, stores and professional studios. It will be a bespoke and engaging tour specifically for Kristalia customers, who will have the thrill of reliving a real experience, in contrast to the virtual tours we have all experienced in recent months. 

The stars of the stage will be the novelties in our new catalogs: “Feel at Home (more than ever) vol. 2” and “Feel Outdoorsy”, which Kristalia customers will be able to discover and handle. Clear-cut, minimalist shapes that are also functional and embracing, inspirational mood boards, and new finishes, which are the outcome of in-depth and painstaking research by Kristalia, can be appreciated at each stage of the tour. The melody of products created by internationally renowned designers and the rhythmic beat of the kilometers covered by the VAN will merge into an authentic dialogue to create an intense and genuine customer experience.

The unusual location, inspired by the past when products were loaded onto haulage trucks to be shown to customers in the local area, will involve customers in a multi-sensory experience in a physical space, which embraces and harmonizes with the brand’s values. It has been designed and curated in the finest detail by the artistic direction of Kristalia in collaboration with the MD House brand. 

To discover the playlist of products that Kristalia will be taking on tour, follow the hashtag #kristaliaevolutiontour on its social profiles. 
The soundtrack of the trip has been curated by ClubKristalia. 

Mohammed comes from Morocco. He has been working in Kristalia for 4 years and he represents one of the resources that has grown in our team over the time. A few days after the lockdown that “froze” Italy and imposed the physical distance as well as the stop of all the activities, something never seen before appeared in our production department: an Elephant chair painted with the colors of the Italian flag .

The mystery of this gesture, so unusual and at the same time so surprising, was cleared when Mohammed revealed to be the author. He said he had painted it spontaneously by hand at the end of the workshift a few days before the factory closed: “for me – he said to his colleagues and friends – it was a way to thank Italy, the country that welcomed me many years ago and which is currently experiencing a terrible moment.”

This unpublished version of the Elephant chair, whose design bears the signature of Eva Paster & Michael Geldmacher and which is not mentioned in the official catalog, soon became popular even outside the production department.

We recognized in Mohammed’s gesture a perfect expression of solidarity in a difficult moment for the entire national community, so we decided to tell his story in public and show Mohammed’s hand-painted chair on Social channels. The public’s reaction was enthusiastic.

That’s why we decided to launch a small production of the Elephant tricolor chairs as soon as the requests reaches an adequate quota to cover the minimum production costs: the rest will be donated to the Italian hospitals fighting against the Covid -19.

This is how Mohammed’s personal gesture of solidarity, so genuinely passionate and closely tied to a positive history of integration in the social and productive context of Friuli Venezia Giulia, served as a model for a wider gesture of solidarity.

Anyone who decides to buy a hand-painted Elephant chair as a sign of active participation and support of the community, can contact us through our communication channels.

We have organized a real workshop in our club with the aim of bringing the little ones closer to music using the work tools of a deejay. A physical and playful musical experience in contact with the instruments used by a true DJ: mixer, turntable and headphones. To guide them on this trip to the console were professional deejays, music experts and skilled communicators with the children.

And finally, Mr. Rockteller has arrived: the first podcast of fairy tales for children inspired by the songs that made rock history.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Design Post from January 13th to 19th 2020, during IMM Cologne Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 22a 50679 Köln

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Gianluca Vassallo

Alberto Moreu

Filippo Bortolon

Henrik Blomqvist

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Tommaso Revelant

Tommaso Vaccarezza

Brioni, designed by Lucidipevere, has been selected for inclusion in the ADI Design Index 2019 along with other 225 projects that constitute the pre-selection for the Compasso D’Oro ADI which will be awarded in 2020.


In our last newsletter we had announced a secret event in Milan also open to those who responded to the email. The event was the acoustic concert of the artist Venerus at the home of Dj Alessio Bertallot, here are the images of the evening. There will be other events, stay connected and don’t miss the chance to attend.

Product update: Free educational tour for interior design and architecture students, young architects and professional architects During two exciting days, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of June 2019, during the London Festival of Architecture, we will be visiting some of the most influential architecture firms and awarded architectures in London. The educational architecture tour has different main features: Thursday 27th June 2019 Friday 28th June 2019 Only 15 lucky participants will be selected to join this free tour and contacted by the organisation with the details of the program and the meeting points. If you are an architecture or interior design student after your subscription we will ask you to send your portfolio to info @ architectours .it. Senior architects of each studio will choose their preferred. Don’t miss the chance to be seen.