This sleekly designed coat hook by Salvatore and Marie is a wonderful addition to any home and can be used to hang a number of items from coats and scarves to keys and other accessories. This item is carefully handcrafted using excellent taste in design to produce this excellent cast aluminium shell. The design itself is very unusual but also provocative and will stand out wherever you install it. This wall mounted has a very round and bubbly appearance which will look great in a vestibule taking on similar principles in terms of its decorations. Alternatively this could be used in a much plainer room to add some colour and excitement to the overall appearance.

The unusual design of this trendy wall hanger has three curvy hooks so a fairly large amount of items and garments can be hung from it. Its almost ironic design produces a positive and defined visual impact and will both furnish and decorate the room with its presence at all times. Your clothing will be welcomed by this wall hanger and while they reside on its hooks, they will become part of a scene held together by mutual taste.

Designer Salvatore+Marie

“We wanted to design an item that would complement and add a defined flavour to a wall before it embraced any item of clothing or accessory. We wanted to make a relatively simple object, yet one which is bursting with fashion choice and something which gently breathes elegance into the home where it is installed. This item adopts a sinuous shape and caresses the objects hanging from it similar to the fingers of a hand. „

Technical Specifications

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