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Bertallot’s House

Who is Alessio Bertallot? – DJ: from Radio DeeJay to Radio 2,  from i Magazzini Generali to Privilege – Host and Producer Television: from Mtv to Rai5 Singer: from Aeroplanitaliani to Bertallot. – Journalist: Rolling Stone Sole 24 Ore. Alessio had a dream: to build a radio independent and autonomous, Bertallot’s House. The idea was already born in his house and needed investment to move forward. He wanted to finance the costs through a fundraising campaign launched on Musicraiser. The funds are used to set up a home more suitable that can afford to send online to host small live musicians, pay employees, purchase of equipment. And he succeeded! We have decided to support it with some of our products. To understand what is going to listen to it on his facebook page or profile