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Eroica 2014

eroica Since yesterday also Kristalia has its Eroici: they completing the course of 135 km between the White Streets of the Province of Siena climbing even the dreaded Sante Marie Moutain. It’s special people who love cycling vintage, people who know the value of hard work. A great day among the typical products of the territory associated with the suggestion of the heroes of epic cycling. Criteria for admission: “L’Eroica” bicycles are bicycles which have all the following characteristics:
  • road racing bikes, built before 1987 (not cycle-cross or time trial bikes);
  • steel frame (the only aluminium frame bikes permitted are ALAN or VITUS with either screwed or glued joints);
  • gear shift levers on the down tube of the frame (exceptionally, only pre-1980 bar-end gear shifts are allowed);
  • pedals with toe clips and fitted straps (quick release pedals are not allowed, except Cinelli M71 pedals);
  • passage of brake cables outside the handlebars (the passage of cables inside the frame is acceptable);
  • wheels must have at least 32 spokes with a low profile (less than 20 mm).
Steel-frame bicycles, of new construction but with vintage characteristics, may be used (but joints must be welded in construction) and they must be assembled using vintage components (gear levers, handlebars, pedals, etc).
Both tubular and clinchers/inter-tubes are allowed, the adjustment of the rear wheel with higher gears is allowed, due to the difficulty of the course.
Exemptions regarding the type of bicycle will be granted to participants with disabilities, as long as they make a specific request to the organization.
For the 38 km route, other types of bicycles will be admitted, such as postman’s bikes, general working bicycles, leisure bicycles, municipal bicycles etc., as long as they have the vintage characteristics described above. Mountain bikes are excluded because they did not exist before 1985.
Any registered cyclist who arrives at the start line or is found on the course with a bicycle that does not conform to the rules and regulations of the event will be disqualified immediately. More info eroica eroica eroica eroica eroica > eroica eroica