BCN Wood Base


With a warm and welcoming appearance whilst not looking imposing whatsoever, the BCN wooden base is available in a white and black design and this wooden stool brings a certain degree of warmth into a family home. It can also be a welcome addition to a business’s premises. The legs of the BCN Wooden Base are made out of solid wood but have a beech effect.

As a result, it is very sturdy. With rubber feet that are the same colour as the seat which help to keep the stool firmly in place, the result is a very stylish appearance. As it has a slim line design, it can match other furniture which is already in a family home where it will blend in straight away.

Designer Harry&Camila

“Our objective was to take the fundamental design of a stool and change it whilst using flexible materials. We had a Eureka moment where we came to the conclusion that different materials could be used to make the BCN Wooden Base. After we both decided that it would have wooden legs, the result was that the stool has more heat. As this wooden stool is designed in two colours, Harry and I reckon that it’ll be perfect for a family home. We’re both incredibly happy with how the BCN Wooden Base turned out and we hope you’ll enjoy having it in your home or premises as much as we did designing it „

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