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This magnificent Boum swivel stool from designers Monica Graffeo and Ruggero Magrini will inject some modernist class into any living space around the home, or into a contemporary workspace. The stool comes with a superbly comfortable soft fabric shell, which moulds itself around the sitter’s form, and will be both stain resistant and hard wearing.

The swivel stool is also easily adjusted with a cleverly concealed handle, which can alter the height of the seat via a well designed gas pump system. It is also very stable, despite the dynamic design, with a perfectly proportioned round metal base which will look exceptional in most modern kitchens or dining spaces.

The beautiful two tone look of this stool will complement similar colour schemes around the home, while the gracefully curving design has a wonderfully organic feel to it, adding a little exotic charm and providing an ergonomically optimised place to sit at the same time. Clients and friends alike will be seated in style with this Boum stool, which combines the best in contemporary design with a keen awareness of the modernist tradition to create a work of true beauty and elegance.

Designer Monica Graffeo

“As a young family we decided that we needed a set of elegant stools, but that we were not satisfied with the swivel stools currently on the market. After devoting much thought to the matter, we elected to incorporate elements of pop art, seeking to generate an energetic and sinuous impression, while ensuring total comfort for the sitter. Everything about the Boum stool is intended to help the sitter enjoy a comfortable experience, from the stable steel base to the gas piston height adjuster, but we tried to bundle this ease of use up with an aesthetic appeal to the senses. „

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