Pikaia slide base


If you want a chair that is both stylish and functional, the Kristalia Pikaia Slide Base chair could be just what you are looking for. The chairs are ergonomic and have a flexible back, which means that they are comfortable when sitting for long periods.

The fact that you can choose a colour to have the polyurethane seat made in, means that there will be no problem with this chair fitting into its surrounds. You can even opt to have the chair upholstered in hide to ensure that it really will look great no matter where you put it. The curves and cutouts not only contribute to the comfort factor, but also give the chairs an interesting professional look.

The Pikaia is most suitable for commercial or public use – meeting rooms, conference centres or other functions, but can of course be utilised in your own home. They are stackable and pleasant to sit on, and being made from plastic, are very durable. All of these factors combine to create a fabulous meeting or conference room chair.

Designer Angelo Natuzzi

“We wanted to create a chair that was particularly useful in community environments. We know that chairs that serve this function are used often, and are sometimes battered around a bit. For these reasons, we needed the chair to be flexible, sturdy and comfortable, without compromising on the design. All of these things come together in the Pikaia Chair, which encapsulates all of the needs of a high use chair, and does it all while looking great! The Pikaia will be an asset to any community facility. „

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  • Pikaia slide base
  • Pikaia slide base
  • Pikaia slide base
  • Pikaia slide base
  • Pikaia slide base