Plate 70


The dimensions of this beautifully crafted lounge chair are designed to comfortably accommodate a range of customers.

It can make the perfect statement piece in a home or as employed as an elegant chair in waiting rooms, offices and public spaces in general. Characterised by an original style, this lounge chair is called Plate, which refers to the manual work that was done by the artisans in the “car design” where the interiors of the cars were manufactured by hand.

The dynamic lines of the chair are highlighted by the contrasting stitching, which effectively emphasises the exquisite workmanship of the piece. The legs are made ​​of cast aluminium, which adds to their light weight of the chairs, making them easy to move.

Designer Luca Nichetto

“Plate was created from an idea of mine, as I thought about the direction in which the company should take. The idea was to create comfortable chairs that would be perfect for the contract-furnishing sector in larger companies as well as being suitable for use in homes. The idea for Plate is very simple. It is a modular chair with a coupling element to allow for the creation or modification of any type of padded, four-legged chair with or without armrest etc. This is one of my favourite design projects and has been used as a point of reference by a number of other designers. „

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