The rest outdoor chair is a versatile seat that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Regardless of the particular use, its stylish exterior and polished finish ensure that it will boost the aesthetics of any outdoor design piece. The simplicity of the design is an essential feature of the chair and enables it to slot in easily to different seating arrangements, whether it be alongside a matching set or a stand alone chair designed to complement an outdoor table.

Furthermore, the polyester chords have all been crafted by hand which adds an artistic dimension to the piece, letting it come to life whilst at the same time not overpowering other pieces of furniture.

The colors are sleek and dynamic, further enhancing the versatility of the design. The highest level of craftsmanship has been employed in the product, and the end result is a chair that can fit into almost any garden arrangement whilst retaining its unique style.

Designer Harry&Camila

“ We have been careful to fuse both conceptual and practical elements when designing the chair. On the conceptual side we have fashioned a modern and classy look, and combined this with an awareness of the need for practical use. Practically the chair is light and easy to store away meaning that it can be used indoors or stored away safely when the winter months come around. Furthermore, the outdoor chair was made of polyester as we wanted to privilege comfort without comprising any style, and this material enables us to do so.„

Technical Specifications

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