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Cento Canesio – Lobster

Perhaps you noticed in the photographs of the event in Milan that we were dressing a new t-shirt. T-shirt born from the collaboration continues between Lobster Apparel and Kristalia. In this case it was the artist Cento Canesio to prepare a graphic just for us. But who is the artist? cento canesio He began his career at the end of the 80s painting trains worldwide, thanks to the incessant rhythm and his recog- nizable style in a short time he becomes an icon of graffiti. Among arrest and the other he participated at a lot Graffiti convention like: Airbrush, Hip Hop Village, Meeting of Styles, Toy Night and simultane- ously developed his skills in computer graphics, especially by specializing in clothing and collaborate with a lot of companies, He also worked with graphics and per- formance for many brands like Nano Rec, Vans, Swiss Jeans, TIM, Carhartt, Eastpack, Nike, Montana, Premiata etc.. . His style is increasingly directed towards Lettering Wild Style and his research on simplification has led him to draw very simple characters, the most typical of which is the Canesio, a long-nosed dog that gained the imagination of many fans. lobster