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Design and generosity

Design and generosity: a winning combination for a charity auction on the CharityStars online platform. If you win the exclusive LP chair by Kristalia, decorated by Cento Canesio, you will help to support the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. Gold For Kids“, a project set up in 2014 by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, supports scientific research in the field of paediatric oncology thanks to funding for the opening and management of treatment protocols for children and adolescents with cancer. Every year, Gold for Kids also supports a large number of researchers who have chosen to dedicate their life to the study and treatment of such diseases. Fondazione Umberto Veronesi has always been involved in promoting the spread of scientific knowledge. With the Gold for Kids project, it intends to make an increasing number of young people aware of the importance of correct, accurate and updated information about paediatric and adolescent oncology. Kristalia decided to take part in the project with its LP chair, customised by an artist who is becoming increasingly renowned in the Italian and international field of graffiti and graphic design: Cento Canesio. cento_1 The artist from Treviso, who loves to call himself a “fan of bikes, beer and Snoopy”, has taken part in many Graffiti conventions including Airbrush, Hip Hop Village and Meeting of Styles. For many years, he has been an illustrator for the Broke Clothing brand and co-founder of the Lbstr Apparel brand. Canesio’s works are immediately recognisable due to his unique and buoyant style, which spontaneously conveys serenity and great positivity. Kristalia wanted to involve him as a partner in this charity project because of his special signature style. The chair decorated by Cento Canesio is the LP chair, which not only bears the initials of the designer duo Lucidi e Pevere but also stands for “Long Playing”, namely a vinyl record, one of the passions of Kristalia’s founders. LINK