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BSPK MILANO – the home becomes an atelier

BSPK – the home becomes an atelier This showroom, envisaged as a tailor’s atelier, has been created just a stone’s throw from Milan’s cathedral, ‘Il Duomo’. It is the result of the joyful meeting between iconic brands of Made in Italy excellence, and offers a wonderful selection of luxury goods. On the one hand, we have Penta, Kristalia and Henry glass, iconic companies of Made in Italy production. On the other, Arte 9MILANO that expresses innovation through crafted artisan skills with ABONOS, an ancient powerful wood. Nicola Gallizia, the art director, stands at the heart of proceedings. He is renowned for an approach to design characterized by extreme care and obsessive attention to detail. A new generation of showroom has developed from this merger, devised to simplify the professional life of architects in every delicate phase of their work. Inside the showroom, the well-stocked and constantly up-dated ‘library of materials’ plays a key role. Designers are provided with a time-saving opportunity to explore furnishing materials, textures and surfaces in this unique venue. They can also examine the effects of the different formal, chromatic and textural combinations that adds value to benefit ‘tailor-made’ projects. The creatives can also rely on the assistance, dialogue and maximum collaboration of the highly-qualified technical support team. The official inauguration of the showroom has been scheduled for November 8th, 2017. The facility covers 180 sq.m. and has five windows facing onto Via Larga and each tantalizes with a taste of the rarefied elegant atmosphere found inside. Conceived as a total living experience, the showroom presents a sequence of ambiences – from the lounge to the dining room – that allow visitors to breathe the style (pure shapes, precious materials, warm and natural shades) and to envisage all possible declensions – from the bijou apartment measuring just a few sq.m. to large-scale contract projects with international appeal). Each ‘room’ epitomizes the design ability of BSPK, and in addition to the support of its staff of qualified professionals, it can rely on the proven experience associated with the brands involved, all experts in luxury goods in this creative universe. There are lamps with pure designs, reinventions of basic shapes that create articles with sculptural appeal; furnishing articles that strive to combine the sign, technique and artisan craftwork in the name of Italian excellence; systems of doors, wall units and boiseries that redesign the vertical surfaces in home with unique elements that define spaces, separate and reconnect the ambiences. There is also a selection of custom-made or large-size rugs and carpets that make an important contribution to defining the personality of the environments; flooring and different elements in ABONOS wood – supplied in exclusive by Arte 9 Milano – that evoke luxurious homes from times-gone-by; and furnishing accessories – for example the Loro Piana Interiors fabrics – that combine to create an exclusive unique proposal based on personal choice and custom design. For the inauguration, Nicola Galliza presents an unusual interpretation of the wood ABONOS. It has been enhanced with the magical touch of the resins developed by the designers of Alcarol (Andrea Forti & Eleonora Dal Farra). His original chair in curved structural wood has been created from the invaluable experience in the production of skis and snowboards by specialist Alessandro Marchi “Sandy”. A new identity takes the stage thanks to the successful combination of traditional crafting and innovative, technological design.