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Cristalplant Design Contest

The Cristalplant® Design Contest, now into its 11th edition and promoted by Cristalplant® in collaboration with Kristalia, aims to find innovative projects which use Cristalplant® as the main design element and take their inspiration from Kristalia style. Hallways and entrances, and in particular the use of their most characteristic features, are the inspiration and visual appeal that we ask young designers to rediscover and develop in order to create iconic products. Interior design trends in contemporary homes rely less and less on standalone cabinets although the decorative features used in their place must fulfil the same purpose, seamlessly integrating with the living area and existing harmoniously alongside the style of the other furnishings. Projects submitted must be coherent with the characteristics of Cristalplant, use the same Kristalia language and be in one of the following categories: • coat rack • hat stand/rack • console table/unit • shelving • umbrella stand • side tables • wall mirror • storage units • coat hooks CONTEST AIMED AT Young creatives born after 01/01/1983 able to develop innovative projects using Cristalplant®. The winning projects will be selected and prizes awarded at the sole discretion of an expert panel of judges elected by the promoters. The award ceremony will be held during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, at the Kristalia showroom in Via Larga, on the corner of Piazza Santo Stefano, 5. The projects selected will be presented to the public and press at the award ceremony which will be held on Wednesday 10 April 2019. PURPOSE The Cristalplant® Design Contest in collaboration with Kristalia aims to find eclectic designers and ask them to interpret Cristalplant® in a creative way in order to develop innovative products that break new ground. Full details of Cristalplant® technology can be found at in the dedicated Cristalplant® Design Contest section ( PARTICIPATION It is free to take part in the contest which is open to participants of all nationalities born after 01/01/1983. By submitting, participants accept the terms of the contest, including assigning the right to reproduce and publish the projects submitted for information and promotional purposes, and with the organisations involved. Designers can submit more than one project. Winners and special mentions from previous editions may not take part, either individually or as part of a group. Projects which are not selected will not be published to allow the designers to present and/or reuse them professionally. ASSESSMENT In assessing the projects, the following aspects will be considered: Duration: an iconic item will last over time. It captures the needs of the present and anticipates the tastes and needs of the future; Prestige: in both communication and commercial terms. Intrinsic utility and formal appeal; Originality. A product for use in the hallway that is also an icon is not just pretty and quirky – obviously – it is reflects a way of being, a particular lifestyle or new everyday routine. Elegance and minimalism, in keeping with the language of Kristalia, in one of three variations: Design, Informal, Minimal. Compliance with the logics, especially that of Cristalplant, of manufacturing and practical use, but also in relation to the other materials used by Kristalia, in the event they are also used in the design project. The Cristalplant component must weigh between 5kg and 50kg. PRIZE The judging panel, at their sole discretion, will name the winning design and five special mentions in each category. The winning design will also be featured in the catalogue of the prestigious Kristalia organisation. In accordance with Article 6, sub-section 1, letter A of the Italian Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26 October 2001, the contest is called exclusively for the submission of industrial projects and is not to be considered a competition with prizes. The cost of producing prototypes in Cristalplant® and the industrialization thereof shall be borne by the Cristalplant organisation, in recognition of the personal merit of the most worthy participants. DIMENSIONS AND SUPPORTS For each design, three renderings must be submitted as jpg files with a resolution of 150 dip, 210x297mm in size (A4 format) bearing the title of the design, to be selected from those listed on the submission form (as explained on page 4). The project renderings must be uploaded to the appropriate section of the website: dal 01/02/2019 al 28/02/2019. COPYRIGHT Intellectual property and copyright of the designs remains with the individual designers. The designs shall be pertinent to the contest alone until 15 April 2019. Until that date, participants must not publish or make known in any form the designs submitted. Failure to comply with this will result in them being excluded from the contest. All potential collaborations which may later be forged between the designer and organisations promoting the contest shall be regulated separately between the parties. In signing their submission to the contest, participants, under their sole responsibility, declare that they are the authors of the projects submitted and sole owners of the relative copyright. The participants take full responsibility and bear full liability for any disputes which may arise regarding the originality of the works and/or ownership of the aforementioned rights. DEADLINE 28 February 2019 23.59 Designs will be presented to the public and press during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, at the Fuorisalone event. Selected designers and winners will be contacted in mid-March. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION www.cristalplant.itinfo@cristalplant.it