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The Kristalia story began with a group of friends who love jazz. Therefore, the synergy with a world leading company in the music world such as Yamaha originated in an almost natural way. As often happens in relationships, thanks to music, the two companies met and discovered that they have much in common. In fact, both companies constantly pursue innovative stylish products that can inspire and arouse enthusiasm in people. Kristalia and Yamaha also share the idea that beauty and the desire to be surrounded by attractive things is natural to human beings, a real need to feel good. These two companies express the sensual dimension of man, sight and hearing, in an attempt to convey emotions. As a result, for several years Yamaha has embraced the philosophy of social relevance, which considers a business as part of a social context from which it gets resources and that helps it to grow, giving something in exchange. Just like Kristalia, which calls itself “a generous company that effectively gives the community a ‘GDP’ of beauty, energy, entertainment, meetings, concerts and events in exchange for what the local area gives the company such as values and assets that are not always tangible.” This has led to the idea of organising concerts and events together at Kristalia’s headquarters, at the so-called Club Kristalia, where a Yamaha C5X piano has been collocated.