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Reductionism, the contemporary evolution of minimalism

Illustrations by Francesca Rizzato According to Peter Behrens, “Less is more” is a concept that was also developed by Mies van der Rohe; the outcome of a process intended to provide a simple solution to a complex need. But today, this concept has been outclassed by Reductionism, the contemporary evolution of minimalism: simplicity, functionality and emotional connection. We designed our stand with these values in mind: a home developed in line with the image and similarity of concepts expressed by Kristalia products, a home where the dimension of wellbeing is essential. An outdoor area that meets new architectural trends: terraces and gardens become central to the development of houses and apartments. An indoor area based on functionality and comfort, including sofas for the first time. Welcome, or “Well Home”. FONT In typography and computer science, fonts are a set of specific signs that share a certain graphic style or are intended to perform a given function. The Font coffee table is all this: a mobile table designed for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring a unique graphic style. Font was created thanks to a new partnership with the Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. For Kristalia, three architects developed a coffee table with an organic shape, designed and developed in many different materials, thus experimenting with them to achieve a unique shape. TENSO In 2005, Luca Nichetto designed his very first chair, Face, which is still in Kristalia’s collection. Now in 2018, Nichetto has designed the first real sofa for Kristalia called Tenso. It gets its name from tensile structures, which have inspired the dynamic, light and “tensioned” shapes of the sofa. Its special feature is the inner tension between its components, which keeps them firmly suspended and open, just like a welcoming embrace. Its sleek lines and tailored details highlight the softness of its fabric or leather upholstery. Its modular tubular frame adapts to various seat dimensions, whereas the backrest provides extra comfort with the addition of a headrest with adjustable tilting. Optional soft cushions and a variety of support surfaces, which can be combined with the frame, allow Tenso to easily adapt to residential or contract furniture environments. CONSTELLATIONS Joan Mirò and Alexander Calder, who met in Paris in 1928, belonged to the Montparnasse art scene. The design of the Constellations coffee table by Luca Nichetto is a tribute to that professional and intimate meeting. The coffee table features the juxtaposition of shapes and materials; squares, semi-ellipses and circles can be freely combined to create compositions of surfaces in various thicknesses and textures. Available in a variety of colours and materials, tops are supported by a metal frame in different sizes, which is so discreet that it seems to be invisible, providing the effect of levitating objects, like a constellation. DUA Läufer & Keichel have become part of the Kristalia team of designers. Let’s return to the theme of Reductionism, where simplicity, functionality and emotional connection are ideally expressed in the Dua project. “Dua” is the Indonesian name for number two. Two chairs developed with or without armrests. Two designers immediately tuned in with Kristalia’s development methods, where the combination of technological research and attention to detail are at the forefront. BRIONI The Brioni islands form a small archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. LucidiPevere have created a collection of poufs, lounge chairs and daybeds based on this concept. Light and easy to move, they can be used to create a multitude of outdoor compositions, experimenting with different shapes, colours and sizes. The frame is made of stiff polyurethane with differentiated-density polyurethane padding and plastic straps. After the success of the outdoor versions, the designers have developed an indoor version with the characteristic dark band on the lower part covered with the same fabric as the seat. Today the poolside pouf has become a “sofa-side” pouf. LIPS Lips features lips upholstered in leather and muscles. LucidiPevere Design Studio has designed and developed a collection of outdoor cushions based on the same concept, featuring special water-repellent padding that dries quickly outdoors when it rains. A project with a host of details: the lower surface is upholstered in non-slip material. An elastic cord fastens the cushions to the seat, whereas the black trim running along the perimeter recalls the edge of an illustration in Indian ink. All that remains is to return to our childhood and play with the different colours and shapes. TUILE A “tuile” is a thin biscuit of French origin that gets its name from the typical French roof tile. We like to imagine that the designer Patrick Norguet, also French, got his inspiration for Tuile at breakfast time or when gazing at the rooftops from the window of his studio. The shape of the backrest and armrests of Tuile padded items is embracing, just like the biscuit of the same name. The frame is made of sturdy metal with anti-corrosion treatment and a powder coating. Thanks to its special fabric it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has also been designed for contract furniture projects in offices, waiting rooms and hotels. COLANDER One of Kristalia’s hallmarks is to give successful products new life. The Colander chair and stool, designed by Patrick Norguet, were made for outdoor use. They have a seat and backrest made of injection-moulded polypropylene featuring a perforated texture reminiscent of a colander (as the name suggests). Last year, it was presented with a wood seat and backrest, whereas this year it is being presented with fabric upholstery. The frame, which remains the same, is light and unalterable and made of painted aluminium. Now the three different versions can be perfectly matched to create versatile and coordinated spaces. 1085 EDITION Kristalia believes in the culture of transforming objects over time (such as hide or cement) to improve their quality and also believes in the value of industrial items, which thanks to wear, the seasons and hands (of those who made them but also of those who used them), can become unique pieces. The 1085 Edition chair, designed by Studio Bartoli Design, was created to develop an original and unparalleled project in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal. This year, presented in a lounge version, the chair has a larger and lower seat, with the same characteristics as its forerunner. Its designers wanted to face the challenge of developing it to the next level. Moreover, a total black version will be available to offer additional elegance. MUSTACHE Mustache is based on the philosophy of living problem-free outdoors, with the same elegance that is a distinguishing feature of the most prestigious home and contract furniture environments. A collection of carpets for outdoor spaces, designed by Paolo Zani, feature a melange weave in refined shades, with edge trims in various colours and unusual fringes that make them even more unique. With its prestigious craftsmanship and tailor-made quality, the handloom weaving technique makes each one of these carpets slightly different and unique. Since it has draining and quick-drying properties, polypropylene fibre yarn is ideal not only in outdoor spaces, where it proves to be resistant to weather conditions and its colours are not affected by UV rays, but also for indoor environments such as pools, saunas and hammams (places with a high level of humidity). PARTNERSHIPS Various partnerships contribute to Kristalia homes: Clairy Clairy is a smart natural air purifier, powered by a system and technology that monitors and reduces air pollution indoors via a smartphone app. It represents perfect synergy between nature, technology and design. Manuel Pablo Pace Bringing contemporary painting into the world of furniture design. Creating unique works while making original portraits of its designers. Thanks to its partnerships with Studio Radici and the Treviso Comic Book Festival, Kristalia has commissioned the contemporary painter Manuel Pablo Pace to create original oil paintings. Piccolo Seeds Enclosed with this document, you will find a packet containing seeds so you can grow a Basil plant. You will also find a link to download the recipe for making Basil Pesto.