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Sharky stool

Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher, also known as Neuland Industriedesign, were not satisfied with having won the Interior Innovation Award 2015, a prestigious prize awarded by the German Design Council, for their Sharky chair. They went back to their studio and immediately thought about how to extend their collection. And here is the result: two stools in two heights with seats in different shapes.
The two sinuous stools, which, despite their predominantly narrow lines, are an extremely durable product. The high stool entirely replicates the seat of the chair and becomes a comfortable bar stool, whereas the low stool has a different seat, shortened for a more harmonious overall effect. The two fin-shaped coupling elements between the frame and the base clearly remain on the rear part; a technical detail that is the key characteristic of the project. These two versatile stools can be used in the home or as a distinguishing feature of a project at a restaurant, bar or hotel. The designer’s idea is to develop a modern and contemporary design, where technology blends with constant contact with nature and its materials. They are two unique projects, which also focus on easy maintenance and cleaning.