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Salone del Mobile Milano 2016


A new partnership in the form of Kristalia’s multifaceted ideas lab gives rise to new products and emotions. In addition, unprecedented and surprising projects are being created with old friends. They involve design concepts that extend to meet further needs and point to new successes, and the latest materials with a performance that has never been seen, touched or experienced before. 2016 has seen a great start for Kristalia: Would you like to continue it in this way, with us?

Maki table by Bartoli DesignMaki table by Bartoli Design

Hoel table by Kensaku OshiroHolo table by Kensaku Oshiro

LP chair by LucidiPevereLP chair by LucidiPevere

Penguin chair by Michael GeldmacherPenguin chair by Michael Geldmacher

Oops table by Monica GrafeoOops I Did It Again table by Monica Graffeo

Elephant table by NeulandElephant table by Neuland

Colander chair by Patrick NorguetColander chair by Patrick Norguet