Hang—Up is a die-cast aluminium coat hook with a playful and functional design. It is an unusual and striking furnishing object, which conveniently hangs clothes and accessories without ruining or deforming them thanks to its sinuous and organic shape without sharp edges. Designed by Salvatore+Marie and handcrafted, Hang—Up is available with a white or red brushed or gloss finish, reminiscent of coral. It can be used anywhere: in the entrance hall, the children’s room, the home or the office.


Salvatore is Italian, Marie is Irish. They met in 1991. The union of their experience in fashion and design gave birth to a collection of accessories, lights and home furnishings of an eclectic and provocative style. Using an experimental approach both in shapes and in the search for materials, they create furniture which are unique pieces with strong visual impact. In 1998 they opened a single-brand store in Milan.