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Casa Bertallot, partnered by Kristalia, host Piano City

Thanks to the support of Kristalia and Yamaha, and exceptionally just for the Piano City event, Casa Bertallot will be open not only to listeners but also to spectators. milano piano city On 18th May, the pianists Ferdinando Arnò, Ezio Bosso Trio, Mark Harris, Gianluca Massaroni and Omar Sosa will be performing in succession and can be watched live via streaming. By connecting to from 4 to 6.30 p.m. online spectators will be able to choose the camera, i.e. the take they prefer to watch the musicians from. It will be a way of visiting the “Casa”: an uninterrupted flow of images, just like the flow of music, will give spectators a look into and a feel of life in the “Casa” that afternoon. After having left his mark in the history of the radio by successfully broadcasting alternative music and turning the radio into a cross-media device, Alessio Bertallot has now founded “Casa Bertallot”, an online radio show that really is produced at home. Alessio: “Before now the radio was my home, now the home is my radio. At “Casa Bertallot” I share my musical passions with a public that is invited to “my home”. I am now making an attempt to contaminate these two categories: the Radio and the Home, intimacy and privacy”.