Polypropylene is a very popular plastic used in industry and the design sector. Nobel-prize winner for chemistry Giulio Natta invented it over fifty years ago. Used to make the widest range of products, this material has beneficial and useful features.


– non-toxic

– odourless

– extremely light

– it can be washed

– it can be sterilized (therefore it is used for food containers)

–  resistant to heat (melting point 160°C)

– resistant to humidity and does not absorb water (it is used as a material for outdoors e.g. for terrace and garden furniture)

– stain resistant

– resistant to solvents

– resistant to acids

– resistant to wear and tear

– affordable.

Polypropylene has been highly popular in the plastics industry: many everyday objects, from doormats to colanders, are made of polypropylene. Other uses of polypropylene include: car dashboards, the screw caps and labels of plastic bottles, anti-hail nets, CD cases, coffee capsules and white plastic coffee cups.