During Treviso Comic Book Festival we intended three chairs to be interpreted live by the boys of Delebile. Delebile from 2010 publishes short stories in comic books by young Italian and foreign.

Of the three seats allocated to the performance we had decided to leave a guests of the event, Lobster Apparel. One it returned home and is proudly displayed in our showroom. One instead it was decided to put it up for auction and the proceeds then donate it to some entity.

There is a little story that we like to tell.

La storia di una sedia
Paul’s Housatonic Design Network and Alice Milani of Delebile met during the evening. At one point, while they were talking, Alice spill by mistake prosecco him to Paul. It ‘was an opportunity to draw the chair “based on a true story.”
The chair then was sent to Paul and now is exhibited in his studio.
The proceeds from the donation of Paul was for the planting of some trees in our community, that Prata di Pordenone.

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