RossoSegnale is the newest concept of hosting in Milan; We contact the creators and asked them to introduce the project:

In this “garden quarter” a living neighborhood, close to the historical center of town, this building from the early 1900s just happened to fascinate us with its almost oriental, hiddenback-yard but yet broad, bright and intimate. 
We renovated it, all over, aiming to a new concept for hospitality. This came from our experience travelling round the globe, to northern Europe in particular. Feeling as being homewith all those details you maybe finding only if lodging in a 5 stars hotel.
This is how RossoSegnale was born in three bedrooms B&B in Milan. 
Not only this. 
Keeping close to our all time passion, art, we made an art gallery, 3001 LAB, out of the original machine shop aimed to fulfill young artist’s needs. Mechanic Pit has been turned into a brightart and design pieces show case just by roofing it with a walkable glass pane. 
Friendly as we are from deep inside we enjoy to be around people and this is why we often host events going from pre-dinner cocktail parties to music, reading or  artists and designers exibitions involving guests room and common spaces.

In the breakfast room we have chosen Kristalia tables, for their perfect linkage of a north-european classic design taste and the elegance of a contemporary design sign. The potteries used for breakfast also mixes contemporary items and classic ceramic plates: this concept is perfectly read by Kristalia’s tables.

TNP Kristalia