BCN is the abbreviation for Barcelona, the city where Harry & Camila live and work. She was born in Chile, grew up in Mexico and graduated in fashion design.

He is a Dutch industrial designer. They met in Milan and have continued their path in life and design together, combining their different cultures and continuously researching new ideas, types of object and materials.

Both teach at the Domus Academy in Milan and at Istituto Europeo in Barcelona.


The first prototype for the BCN stool was initially presented at the 2006 Salone del Mobile di Milano (MilanFurniture Fair).

Since then, Harry & Camila have experimented different solutions, with Kristalia, to produce the sinuous and original shape of the seat.

Their goal was to find a material with excellent flexibility, but one that was not squashed too much by body weight.

Finally, PBT was chosen, namely, polybutylenterephthlate: a rather unusual plastic in the furniture sector.

1-2 stooly

In fact, this type of polyester is used for insulation in the electronics industry, since it is both extremely sturdy and heat-resistant.

With Kristalia and its creative partners, innovation always takes original paths.