Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher, namely Neuland Industriedesign.

A pair of designer friends who not only work in their design studio in Munich but also retreat to a kind of creative mountain refuge at 1400 metres above sea level to be inspired by nature.


After the success of Elephant, which started the partnership between Kristalia and Neuland Industriedesign, the idea was born for Blio: a bookcase that gets its name from the middle syllable of the word “bi-blio-teca”, highlighting how a well-known object can be read from a different angle to the usual one.

Blio brings the rather mysterious charm of libraries, with their many shelves and aisles, to homes and offices: an emotion to rediscover every day.


When you enter a library, or when you wander to the back of a bookstore, it is like venturing into a world without having a complete vision of it: you need to explore it step by step, aisle after aisle, moving among multi-coloured walls of books.

Our body and our mind move together along this path, unlike what occurs when we are standing in front of the bookcase in the home or studio.

Our eyes can always see the entire contents of a standard bookcase from the moment we enter the room to when we sit on a chair or sofa with a book. Blio, instead, arouses a completely opposite feeling.

Looking at it face on, our eyes can only see a series of white surfaces.

Such a different concept from traditional bookcases comes from pursuing the utmost simplicity and formal elegance, but also the idea that this furnishing item can house a wide range of objects without looking untidy.

1-2 bli

The modular storage units that comprise Blio are equipped with visible shelves and doors with push-pull opening.

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They are ideal for housing not only books but also everything that may be useful in the home environment, as they are available in different versions and depths, with access from one or both sides.

Its components in MDF with white lacquer finish are supplied ready assembled and can be firmly secured to a wall with a special anchorage system that requires a single type of screw.


Hence, it is easy to create customised and always different compositions for all spaces: everyone can create a unique furnishing solution with Blio.

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