The compass, an ancient instrument used by scientists, artists and navigators, has a strong symbolic and cultural significance in the design sector.

Its shape has inspired design projects in the past such as a chair by Allan Gould in 1949.


It is also the basis for this new design project, created by a protagonist of contemporary design: Patrick Norguet.

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It took a long time and many tests to perfectly match the components of this product in PA6, a plastic material that is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, ageing and atmospheric agents, with dynamic compass-shaped legs and a crosspiece under the seat in pressure die-cast aluminium.

It is all this and remains really easy to dismantle: simply remove a few screws to separate the different components of the chair and facilitate the collection and recycling of plastic and aluminium.

It is a further precautionary principle of environmental sustainability for a product that has a very long lifecycle.


The chair is so sturdy that up to five of them can be stacked: a feature that also allows it to be used in a contract-furnishing context, as well as in home settings.

The parts in pressure die-cast aluminium can all be powder coated in the same colour to achieve a single-colour and single-material effect.


Alternatively, the legs are available in a “Shiny” polished natural aluminium finish, with brilliant technological appeal, or in “Black Nickel” polished burnished aluminium, in harmony with the most chic and sophisticated settings.

Different options and personalities provide a unique design project, arising from new creative inspiration and from precise manufacturing techniques: once again, Kristalia has hit the mark.