Patrick Norguet, one of the most committed and popular French designers combines both insight and emotions to make each of his design projects unique, with his deep passion for materials and techniques, and never forgetting the relationship between each object and the space around it.

From an initial elective affinity to consolidated collaboration, a surprising product has taken shape: Degree.


When the French designer presented the design project for this unusual and cute little table, with a top that recalls an American graduate’s hat, the Kristalia team immediately fell in love with the idea.

It was, however, a challenge to make. Initially, the base should have been a kind of enormous bottle cork, entirely made of cork but it would have been too expensive and impractical but, above all, not very environmentally sustainable: cork takes years to grow and the plantations it comes from are a valuable habitat for biodiversity.

This is why we chose abase made using rotational technology.

The outcome is more practical, also because the base can be used as a storage unit.

We then made it available in various versions, introducing a combination of modern polypropylene, in black or white, and cork with its natural warm appeal.


The “hat”, attached to the base by a slight rotational movement, can also be used as a grip to move the table to another position.


The utmost expression of a partnership that continues over the years, Degree is a versatile design object that fits into home and community interiors, either on its own or with other furnishing items.

It can also be used outdoors in a version entirely made of polypropylene.