Simple harmony, subtle irony. One day, Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

This means that there is an extremely delicate balance between simplicity and triviality: the former is always the outcome of longstanding research and experimentation, requiring continuous elimination to reach the heart of things.

For the Joko chair, Kristalia has also created clearly essential, yet soft and poetic, images that tell an intimate and
original story with a slight touch of irony.

It almost seems like we are watching a theatre performance in which a mime tells a personal love story with a chair: Joko.

2-3 joko

In addition to a long, thought-out design strategy, Joko’s simplicity is the result of a rigorous production process that pays great attention to the smallest details.

Its metal core is not just a simple internal structure but a true frame, which ensures ideal support for the body, thanks to cross over elastic straps on the seat and to a special wave-shaped insert positioned on the back.

1a-1b joko

Joko’s core is therefore located inside a mould and entirely covered with a layer of cold-foamed polyurethane, just like the connective tissue of a living organism.


The outcome is soft to touch and round to see. It has an extremely slender profile and a lightness that suggests it will be dynamic in any interior.

Although it is resistant when subjected to any tests, just like all other Kristalia products, Joko weighs little more than 5 kilos.

It can be easily moved by lifting it up or letting it slide along the floor, thanks to protective felt pads positioned under its legs.

Its upholstery is cut and stitched to size, like a garment. Moreover, it is equipped with hinges so that its covers can be easily removed.

The chosen fabric adds to Joko’s visual and tactile nature and its sense of material quality: this is why Kristalia has carefully selected standard fabrics, choosing two versions, each one with a different personality.

Divina Melange 2 adds characteristic warm Nordic appeal to the chair, with a composition of 100% new wool and a range of 24 colours, to suit all tastes and contexts.

Instead, Scuba is an innovative technical fabric, which surprisingly recalls divers’ wetsuits: also available in a range of 25 colours. Both products are from Kvadrat, a company offering top-quality and longlasting furnishing fabrics that are easy to clean.

The latter feature is extremely important for a chair with a surface that is entirely upholstered. Joko is also available in the customer’s fabric. A sample can be sent to Kristalia technicians who will check if it is perfectly suitable for this product.

3-4 joko

Joko marks a further fascinating chapter in the union between the creative philosophy of Bartoli Design, a leading name in Italian industrial design today, and technological research from Kristalia, which is capable of transforming the light and poetic nature of this design into concrete standard production.

All this is offered with unmistakable tailoring for its creation and details. This is why Joko has a special logo, positioned under the seat, with the designer’s signature.

This guarantees genuine inspiration and creation and marks a longlasting creative partnership.