Bartoli Design studio created prototypes in cardboard to test the unmistakeable profile of the Nori frame and legs, which are sharp and striking like a knife blade.

Its designers created a shape that became a reality, thanks to Kristalia’s technical experts and their know-how, using aluminium bars joined together with pressure die-cast aluminium couplings.


This solution produces a perfectly stable top, minimizing the leg cross-section and, therefore, the floor area the table rests on: four small right-angled triangles.


Nori has a frame entirely made of aluminium. The version with honeycomb top has a table almost entirely made of this light, resistant and eco-friendly material.

It is great to have such a special design piece in the home but it is also satisfying to know that at the end of its life-cycle, this product can be easily recycled, helping to preserve nature and its resources.

tecnico 2

Meanwhile, Nori can be easily transformed into a larger table, thanks to a smart extension system, also in aluminium and concealed inside an extremely fine thickness. It comes in a wide variety of dimensions and finishes.


The version with polished glass top is available in the entire range of RAL/NCS colours: for complete personalization.

Nori is available with a honeycomb core, a light and resistant aluminium honeycomb mesh used in aerospace construction, or with a top in another groundbreaking and exclusive material: Alucompact®.

With its inner aluminium sheeting, this special layered material guarantees maximum resistance and lightness, with minimum thickness.

The top is resistant to stains and chemical products, and is available in a wide range of colours.