Designed by the creative duo LucidiPevere, young but already established chair designers, the Plana chair marks the introduction of injection-moulding to the technologies used by Kristalia.

This process involves a high temperature and high pressure, and required considerable investment from the company.

schema plana

The machine used is a powerful press that contains a stainless steel mould in two parts, equipped with a cooling system.

Plastic material (polypropylene) is injected into the mould in a fused state: this remains under pressure until the chair has solidified.

Then the mould is opened and the operator, wearing protective gloves, removes the piece while it is still hot. It is then left to cool on a special template so that it does not alter its shape.

1a-1b plana

Thanks to injection-moulding technology, Kristalia is ready to forge the most creative ideas: with speed, versatility and efficiency.

The polypropylene structure of Plana is enhanced with details in polyethylene, a type of softer plastic in a slightly different colour: a feature required to make the materials more visibly and tactily identifiable.