Many years ago in the heroic “car design” era, car interiors were manually finished by traditional craftsmen. The Plate collection recalls that atmosphere, not only in theory but also in practice.

Just consider that the upholstery of each armchair comprises more than 20 different pieces of fabric, manually cut and carefully and individually sewn.

1 plate

Traditional workmanship not only adds prestige but also a long-lasting and comfortable seat, back and armrests.

The stitching, in contrasting colours to match the fabric, highlights the dynamic contours of  the design of this collection, helping to keep the upholstery perfectly close fitting to its structure.

The latter is made of thin and soft polyurethane to comfortably embrace the body: just like in a luxury car of bygone days, but in distinctly contemporary style.

3-4 plate

Anyone who travels around the world will notice that everyday objects do not have the same dimensions in all countries.

Beds, cushions, shower enclosures, desks… and, of course, chairs. It depends on local traditions, personal shapes and industrial standards that vary from country to country.

Like all Kristalia products, the Plate collection is geared to international customers: it comes in various types with a choice of dimensions.

The chair and chair with armrests, with standard height, are available in two widths, with a difference of 4cm between the widest and the most compact. In this way, it is possible to guarantee optimum comfort for everyone, from large to petite builds.

2 plate

The lounge version has dimensions designed to comfortably embrace anyone: an ideal protagonist in any home relaxation area.

Choice is not only limited to models and dimensions, there is an almost infinite variety of combinations for its structure, in polished aluminium or black /white lacquer.

Upholstery comes in a vast range of colours selected from the best producers on the market for style and quality.