Pulp takes shape from the desire to develop and refine the concept of the cantilever chair, which, when it first appeared in the 1920s, revolutionized the traditional concept of the chair and which, since then, has engaged generations of designers in studying increasingly attractive cutting edge shapes and solutions.

For the designer Christophe Pillet and for the Kristalia design and technology team, the challenge was to make a polypropylene shape reinforced with glass fibres, with extremely thin edges, almost a leaf that embraces and supports the body, while producing a naturally sturdy chair.

5 pulp

It was also necessary to prevent the glass fibres from marking the surface, because of the reduced thickness of the material used.

Hence, dual-injection moulding technology was used, with perfect results in terms of structural stability and aesthetic appeal.


Sturdy, washable and stackable, Pulp perfectly fits into all indoor and outdoor surroundings in homes and contract furnishing schemes.