In its catalogue, Kristalia includes some furnishing elements designed by Luciano Bertoncini, a master of Italian design. Born in Feltre in 1939, he began his work in the design sector and soon contributed to the development of modern furniture in Italy, with designs such as the Zattera bed and Italian Look furniture for living rooms. He met the great Joe Colombo and, after his sudden death, worked on his design presented at the exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. At his studio in Treviso, his work includes architecture and design, collaborating with some leading companies that offer “Made in Italy” design: Aprilia, Invicta, Technogym, Diadora and Belstaff. In 1999, the town of Treviso dedicated a personal exhibition to his work, celebrating his 30 years of activity with a publication by publisher RDE (Ricerche Design Editrice), edited by Virginio Briatore and presented by Sergio Polano. His sound experience and his habit of comparing hi-tech materials and products are accompanied by his pursuit of absolute simplicity and complete functionality. bertoncini This combination is fully highlighted in the Rotor occasional table. When closed, it has a basic shape, made dynamic by overlapping tops, separated by a gap. Rotating 360°, infinite shapes can be created with these tops, extending the surface area as required and making it even four-fold.