Kristalia and Bartoli Design first met in 2000. This encounter marked the beginning of a longstanding partnership, starting with one of the most successful products from Kristalia, which sums up its intrinsic poetic minimalism and technological research: the Sushi table.

The first scale model, presented by Bartoli Design in early 2001, revealed the sheer simplicity of this table.


Its stylistic and technological concept is still completely unmistakable, despite many later imitations.

This was apparent from the very first Sushi table and from its many variations in colours, materials and measurements.

These include an absolutely minimalist pure white version, with a top and a frame in the same pure white colour, versions with a slatted or normal top with materials and solutions specifically designed for outdoor use, as well as versions made by Kristalia according to customer specifications, thanks to its versatile production process.

A 1cm thick table that is the essence of lightness, dynamism and also reliability and functionality, thanks to thoroughly researched materials and technical solutions.

The runners on the extensible shelf, concealed on the inside of the table, are in drawn anodized aluminium to guarantee all-round resistance.

The laminate top is made of a special layered material, Alucompact®, which has internal aluminium sheeting, providing excellent resistance to impact, with extremely minimal weight and thickness.

SUSHI_info 1

The surface is easy to clean using normal detergents or solvents and disinfectants for persistent stains.

Instead, the wood veneer top has an aluminium honeycomb core: a structure used in the aerospace industry and in contemporary architecture, since it is 70% lighter than traditional materials and highly resistant to impact, given its hexagonal cells that are resilient to any type of stress, just like in beehives.

SUSHI_info 1

Glass tops are tempered for safety and back-painted to conceal the extension device, while maintaining the transparent appeal and prestigious gloss of this material.

The metal legs are fastened to the frame with a perfect 45-degree join, without visible screws: this gem of technology and experience is instantly recognized in all table options.

The extension device is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent the table from being accidentally opened or closed: a very useful idea, especially if there are children in the home.