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Boiacca Wood Dining Table

We decided to go further. It was created according to a structured system based on cement and aluminium. We said to ourselves why not go beyond and create a system that could be used with other materials and not just cement. We can say that in the future Boiacca will be a Boiacca without Boiacca, without cement. However, greater attention can be given to the idea of inventing a customised table, as it was appreciated not only for outdoor use but also in the kitchen. So we focused on a system that can be combined with various materials, for this type of use, and the first that came to mind was wood. It was a challenge within a challenge, because wood has entirely different characteristics to cement. With regard to its structure, the approach was the same. Therefore, making a very streamlined leg with an internal structural core, which is very slim, could be combined with wood to become really resistant. This is the very first preliminary model and this is the last. The chosen wood finish is European oak, which is very grainy with a natural finish. This direction is the one that reinforces the system we were talking about before. Different types of top in different sizes together provide a true “Boiacca programme” that combines different materials and finishes. We also really prefer not to abandon projects, but to succeed, over time, in creating a range and perfecting it, improving its quality and giving it more and more value. We like it very much and it can be a good strategy for the future and for the market. Therefore, the idea of Boiacca without Boiacca is successful. In this respect, in some ways it may seem incoherent, as there is no longer cement but in the structured system becomes a successful design idea. As for the system, the legs will be in cement and wood, whereas other materials will be used for the tops: therefore the cement leg will have a cement top but a top in Arpa laminate will also be available, as well as a new technological material called Fenix, a new material with warm tactile appeal. The same applies to the wood top and perhaps something else…