If we hadn’t started making furniture, we would have opened a jazz club. But since we believe that all opportunities must be grasped, and passions lived to the full, we have dedicated a space to music, and more generally to culture, at our premises. We designed it to be attractive, welcoming and unconventional. This industrial space in an industrial district is open to anyone who wants to listen to good music, watch a film or a documentary, attend a book presentation, or visit an art or design exhibition in a room created in collaboration with leading brands in the sound design world, which is excellent for musical and visual diffusion. The project is internally managed, from its artistic direction to its organisation: it is our way of saying thanks to the local community and territory that have allowed us to grow.

Marta Frigo
25 June 2024 — 7 pm

You are invited on June 25th to ClubKristalia for an unmissable jazz concert. Marta Frigo, a young singer, improviser and composer from Milan, will play for us.



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