Angelo Natuzzi

Born in 1978 in Santeramo in Colle, Bari, Italy. Took his diploma at the Matera art school in 1997 and graduated from the I.S.I.A. university of industrial design of Rome in 2005 with a thesis entitled “Coocoo” – modular seat – which, together with the “Sèdiolo” play centre for children, qualified as a finalist in the 2005 Premio Esaedro award. That year, in Bologna, he started working with Ilpo where he met Angelo Dall’Aglio, who would be the co-designer of most of his works. He has worked with small enterprises, outside the furniture business, as a consultant and designer. In 2007, Beauty Star (Maletti group) presented the “Data”, “Spock”, “Kirk” and “Uhura” armchairs for its new collection. At the 2007 Furniture Show, Kristalia presented the “Pikaia” chair. He works with Segis and Bontempi Casa in new product development.