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Feel like Home — Press Tour

Meeting and talking about each other after two years of pandemic.

A two-day trip that saw us welcome our guests into our home to let them experience the traditions and values ​​that distinguish our identity.

Thanks to the collaboration with BM Communication agency in Milan, we had the honor of hosting a group of journalists belonging to the most important publications in Italy.

A guided tour that went through the story of the company history and the values ​​that represent it, narrated directly by one of its founders.

A journey through the company’s most iconic products – such as extendable tables and chairs – and through the latest products created during the pandemic period (among others: Palco modular outdoor seating system, designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Dua Relax armchair and Dua Lounge extension chair, designed by Läufer & Keichel, Holo Pillar table, by Kensaku Oshiro).

A total immersion that has allowed our guests to experience our product and its production process, increasingly internalized, and to introduce them to the aspect of a corporate DNA with a light-hearted flavor that we like to savor by walking through the corridors of a transparent architecture that reflects a natural disorder of colorfully colored plants that mark the time and the seasons.

The collaboration with local excellences then allowed us to enhance elements that are essential for us: innovation, research and experimentation, elements that are always present in all our products.

The authentic, immersive and innovative cuisine of the starred Chef Riccardo Gaspari of the SanBrite restaurant in Cortina, accompanied us in the moments of sharing and socialization of these two days and the visit to the Presot tannery – excellence of the territory that has a close relationship of collaboration with Kristalia for the creation of the iconic “1085 Edition” chair in natural-tanned leather – has introduced visitors to authentic and sustainable processes.

It was nice to meet again and to go back to look into each other’s eyes. It will be a gift to be able to do it again soon.

A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.
Ralph Waldo Emerson