For the Contorna collection, the designers Ramos and Bassols focus on the idea of the chair as a micro architecture in wood, lightweight and harmonious. Sinuous lines and fine surfaces delineate its contours, whereas the minimalist design is given warm appeal by the solidity of natural or stained ash wood. Elegant and contemporary, Contorna reinterprets the art of cabinet-making from an industrial perspective, since the individual pieces of solid wood are machined by a robot and finished by hand. Contorna is available in a chair and armchair version, with wood seat.

Ramos Bassols

The study Ramos Bassols was founded in 2004 by David Ramos Tarrès (Terrassa, 1969) and Jordi Bassols Borrell (Barcellona. 1976). After working in the design and product development for many years their range has achieved a great variety: furniture, objects, lighting and landscaping. They have received numerous awards: 6 selections of products for ADI – FAD First Prize at the Furniture Fair, Madrid, 2002, for the armchair Noruega. First prize in the design competition Manacor, 2005 for the table Up & Down. A special mention for the award of street furniture for the old town of Alaba, 2005, Time series. They are currently teaching at the Escuela Superior de Diseno Sabadell, ESDI.×853.jpg