Indoor/outdoor low tables with an open and functional shape that explore the various proportions of fungal species when grouped together. Positioned side by side, they create fluid compositions where each element, despite having different dimensions, integrates perfectly with the others.


Finemateria is a design studio interested in creating intense ideas, emotions and memory in relationship with materials. The aim of the studio is to visualize processes, cultures, and materials to tell a story that leaves a message. Finemateria perceives the form as the materialization of the idea, whether it’s a product, a research, an exhibition or a space. The studio engages in self-initiated products as well as commissioned work through consulting, with a range of projects extending from products to spatial designs. Gianluca Sigismondi and Stefano Bassan founded the studio in 2020, after having achieved and consolidated several collaborations with design studios since their university days. They show the strength of the material-experimental process while enhancing the sensorial aspect in each project.

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