Novel is a metal-frame walk-in wardrobe that can be complemented with a range of accessories designed to meet all needs. They include a set of modular and combinable trays designed to hold jewellery, watches and small accessories, aluminium trouser-racks and laundry bins, fixed or pull-out shoe racks, mats for placing on top of drawer units, dimmable lighting with remote control, as well as mirrors. Novel can be paired with Telon, a curtain that hides it from view and reveals, in certain cases, a cupboard, a work area or multimedia space, or even all these things together. The curtain, an evocative accessory that adds warm appeal and elegance to a room, is a sustainable solution as it reduces the consumption of materials. It also plays a soundproofing role, helping to limit sound diffusion in the room, thus preserving the intimacy of the sleeping area.

Lievore + Altherr Désile Park & ruga.perissinotto

An offshoot of the long-standing Lievore Altherr studio in Barcelona, Lievore + Altherr Désile Park is the result of the merger of two studios specialised in product design and development, strategic consulting, creative direction, art direction and ephemeral architecture for leading international design companies.

The ruga.perissinotto studio was established after a meeting between Alessandro Ruga and Carlotta Perissinotto in London in 2010. Inspired by a versatile approach to design issues, they collaborate with various companies in the furniture district.

Modularity examples


Novel + Telon