The TNP table was first created by Christophe Pillet for the Théâtre National Populaire, a building dating back to the 1930s that houses one of France’s most prestigious cultural institutions and founded to offer the general public quality theatrical performances. It was inspired by the small tables of the old bistrots in Paris: the base is made of cast iron, a traditional material used for countless objects in the French metropolis, from street lamps to metro signs. Customised with the logo of the theatre, the base supports a square or rectangular top. The table, also the high version, is available in four colours: white, black, olive green and terracotta brown.

Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet, a French designer who started his training in Milan in 1991, is highly versatile with his creations and partnerships: from product design to interior design, architecture and set design, he always pursues interesting simplicity, elegance created with a few details. “The chair and table I have designed for Kristalia are ambitious projects, not only due to their design but also to the difficulty involved in industrially producing them. These objects are simple in shape but technically complicated.”