Like an assistant that monitors our rest and simplifies our lives, Valet is a versatile object as well as a chair, armchair, pouf, valet stand and clothes hanger. It features soft and curved, yet sleek lines; with small dimensions. The refined aesthetics are inspired by a taut softness that accommodates and supports in an understated and elegant manner. The high backrest, on the one hand, can be used as a valet stand, whereas the single armrest, on the other, provides excellent support for the lower back and neck, allowing your head to rest comfortably. Valet seems almost suspended above the floor thanks to its dark, recessed feet.

Alberto Lievore

Alberto Lievore graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires. He moved to Barcelona in 1976, where he developed his design activities, turning to a wide array of sectors. Alberto Lievore’s works in the furniture sector are those which he is most famous for, both in Europe, America and Asia. Over the years, his design activities have been acknowledged and rewarded with prestigious national and international awards. His partnership with Italian companies is especially thriving, and it includes both strategic consulting as well as brand and product communication. He holds courses and workshops in universities, first and foremost in Barcelona. His approach focuses on resizing the subjectiveness of the designer in observing reality, to develop a more penetrating and solid critical spirit.