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Sushi installation

In the early 2000s, Kristalia focused on developing a table with clean shapes and maximum flexibility of use, easily suitable to domestic ambient.

Attentive to the evolution of living spaces and to environmental sustainability, the company began to explore technologies far from traditional ones, together with high-performance materials, that came from manufacturing domains distant from that of furniture making. From the automotive sector it borrowed the assembling of part of the aluminium supporting structure, as well as the precision bearing system that makes it so easy to slide the extension mechanism. From construction industry instead, came the high pressure stratified laminates 10 mm thick for the tabletop and its extensions.

The result is startling, both from the aesthetic and the technical side. Thanks to a system of telescopic guides, the Sushi table is capable to reach almost twice its length, and to maintain, in all its extension, a continuous surface of only 10 mm thick, without the user perceiving, from any angle one could observe it, the presence of technical elements and thicknesses, fused into its delicate structure.

Inside the Kristalia corporate Showroom in Milan, an installation has been created that enhances the technical characteristics of Sushi and its timeless minimalism.